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Jonathan Bober asked to join prestigious international arts committee

Jonathan BoberJonathan Bober, the Blanton Museum's Senior Curator of Prints, Drawings and European Paintings has been asked to join the International Advisory Committee of Keepers of Public Collections of Graphic Art. Bober was nominated to the 40-person committee by Andrew Robison of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Among the American members on the committee, Bober is the only one representing a university museum, and the Blanton is the first museum to be included from the South and Southwest regions in the United States.

The organization was formed in the 1960s so that curators of graphic art could have their own high-level forum for discussing collection care, coordination of initiatives, and lobbying on issues of concern. Membership is individual but representative of a collection, so the committee's invitation is an honor for the Blanton Museum as well as Bober himself; it recognizes that the museum-and especially its collection of prints and drawings-is indeed one of the finest in the United States. Through his participation on the committee, Bober will have the opportunity to strengthen the Blanton's ties to major museums, collections, and curators throughout the United States and Europe. Bober's first organizational conference will be June 6-10 in Budapest.