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UT Theatre and Dance Community Shines in The Austin Chronicle's “Top 10 of 2010”

Mainstage Productions, Students, Faculty, Alumni and Friends Chosen as Standouts

In the annual list of theatrical favorites named by The Austin Chronicl's Robert Faires, UT Theatre and Dance productions, students, faculty, alumni and friends are among the top picks of 2010.

Selections from, “TOP 10 Theatrical Wonders of 2010.”

  • 4) The Difficulty of Crossing a Field
    Spring 2010 Production
  • 5) The Red Balloon (Tongue and Groove Theatre)
    Director: David Yeakle; M.F.A. in Theatre '95
  • 6) Machinal/Baal (Paper Chairs)
    Director: Dustin Wills; B.A. in Theatre and Dance '06
    Scenic Design: Lisa Laratta; M.F.A. in Theatrical Design '08
    Costume Design: Kim H. Ngo; B.A. in Theatre and Dance '07
    Lighting Design: Megan M. Reilly; M.F.A. in Theatrical Design '07
    Technical Direction: Dorian Robison; M.F.A. in Theatre Technology candidate
    Featuring performers:
    Kimberly Adams; B.A. in Theatre and Dance '09
    Chase Crossno; B.A. in Theatre and Dance '06
    Michael Joplin; B.A. in Theatre and Dance '04
    Tom Truss; M.F.A. in Acting '10

Honorable Mentions

  • Becky's New Car (ZACH Theatre)
    Playwright & Director: Steven Dietz; Professor of Playwriting and Screenwriting
    Assistant Director: Courtney Sale; M.F.A. in Directing candidate
    Costume Design: Ariana Schwartz; M.F.A. Theatrical Design '10
    Featuring performers:
    Lucien Douglas; Senior Associate Chair and Associate Professor
    Sydney Andrews; M.F.A. in Acting '10
  • RENT (ZACH Theatre)
    Featuring performers:
    Verity Branco; M.F.A. in Acting '10
  • Emergency Prom
    Fall 2010 Production

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